Recent publications on Lusophone Africa

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Once again, here is a list of relevant and interesting publications on Lusophone Africa.


To share your own recent publication information with our network, please send in full citation format and if possible, with a link to


Inge Brinkman, “War, peace and nationhood: in between south-east Angola and Rundu, Namibia (1960s-2012),” Canadian Journal of African Studies 53, 1 (April 2019): 47-65,


Estelle Maussion, La dos Santos Company. Histoire d'un pillage en Angola (Paris: Karthala, 2019) [story of the dos Santos family],


Mia Couto, “A second soul: Mia Couto on life after a cyclone in Mozambique,” translated by Miranda France, Times Literary Supplement (May 7, 2019)


Joshua Kirshner, Lucy Baker, Adrian Smith, and Harriet Buckley, “A Regime in the Making?: Examining the Geographies of Solar PV Electricity in Southern Africa,” [on South Africa and Mozambique] Geoforum (2019) prepublication view,


Peter Karibe Mendy, Amílcar Cabral: A Nationalist and Pan-Africanist Revolutionary (Ohio University Press, 2019)ílcar+Cabral


Gerard Horta and Daniel Malet Calvo, “Mobility, Social Status, and Cooperative Practices in the Sucupira Hiace Central Station, Santiago Island, Cape Verde,” Africa Today 65, 2 (Winter 2018): 34-49 [special issue on bus stations in Africa]


Arua Oko Omaka, “Through the Imperial Lens: The Role of Portugal in the Nigeria-Biafra War,” Journal of Global South Studies 36, 1 (Spring 2019): 186-209,


Zacarias Monjane Júnior, “A Importância da Delimitação das Fronteiras Marítimas de Moçambique no Contexto das Descobertas do Gás Natural Offshore,” Revista Moçambicana de Estudos Internacionais 1, 1 (2019) available on,ância_a_Delimitação_das_Fronteiras_Marítimas_de_Moçambique_no_Contexto_das_Descobertas_do_Gás_Natural_Offshore   More information on this journal is found here:çambicana-de-Estudos-Internacionais-RMEI-2043753159229907/


Thomas Waller, “Translatability and the 'African Modern' in Mozambican Contemporary Art,” The Contemporary Journal (2018)


David Quammen, photos by Charlie Hamilton James, “How one of Africa’s great parks is rebounding from war,” National Geographic (May  2019),


Faaiqa Hartley, Dirk van Seventer, Emilio Tostão, and Channing Arndt, “Economic impacts of developing a biofuel industry in Mozambique,” Development Southern Africa 26, 2 (2019): 233-249
Part of an open access special issue on Bioenergy in Southern Africa, see TOC at


Adelino Timóteo, Afonso Dhlakama: A Longa Luta em Defesa da Democracia (2019),


Hassane Armando, Tempos de Fúria: Memórias do massacre de Homoíne, 18 de Julho de 1987 (Edições Colibri, 2018)


Diana Simões, Posthumous Narration in Portuguese: Dead Story Tellers in Portugal, Cabo Verde, Mozambique, and Brazil, Ph.D. diss., University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, 2019,


These articles are not as recent as most that I list, but may be of interest (and were not listed previously):


Corene J. Matyas, “Tropical Cyclone Formation and Motion in the Mozambique Channel,” International Journal of Climatology 35, 3 (15 March 2015): 375-390


Jennifer M. Fitchett and Stefan W. Grab, “A 66-Year Tropical Cyclone Record for South-East Africa: Temporal Trends in a Global Context,” International Journal of Climatology 34, 13 (15 November 2014): 3604-3615,



News and blogs:


Sabelo Skiti, Thanduxolo Jika, and Stefaans Brümmer, “The finance minister, his son and the Mozambican refinery,” The Mail and Guardian (5 Oct 2018)


Sim Allison, “The faceless insurgency in Mozambique that no one can explain,” Mail and Guardian (25 April 2019)


Rajan Datar, “Queen Njinga of Angola: Fearless Fighter,” BBC (28 Apr 2019) [44 minute radio program with Linda Heywood, Roquinaldo Ferreira, and Toby Green]


Ana Rita Sequeira, and many others, “Mozambique water project: insights into supply and use in a peri-urban area,” The Conversation (17 April 2019)


“Malangatana painting ‘Waiting for Peace’ surpasses expectations at Sotheby’s,” Club of Mozambique (translated and reposted from Lusa) (4 April 2019)


Adérito Caldeira, “Censo revela que após mais 10 anos de governação da Frelimo o futuro melhor não está no horizonte de Moçambique,” A Verdade (30 Abril 2019)


António Rodrigues, “Beira, ‘a cidade que está no sítio errado’,” Público (28 de Abril de 2019) (behind a pay wall)