Recent publications on Lusophone Africa

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Here is another long list, with many interesting and useful publications.

Send information about your own recent publications to, please send in citation format and with a link.


Marco Mondaini and Colin Darch, ed., Independence and Revolution in Portuguese-Speaking Africa: Aquino de Bragança (Selected Articles and Interviews, 1980–1986) (HRSC Press, 2019)


Inocência Mata e Agnaldo Rodrigues da Silva, org., Trajectórias Culturais e Literárias das Ilhas do Equador: Estudos sobre São Tomé e Príncipe (São Paulo: Pontes Editores, 2018)


Inge Tvedten and Rachi Picardo, “‘Goats eat where they are tied up’: illicit and habitual corruption in Mozambique,” Review of African Political Economy vol. 25, issue 158 (2018),


Marina Padrão Temudo, “Between ‘Forced Marriage’ and ‘Free Choice’: Social Transformations and Perceptions of Gender and Sexuality among the Balanta in Guinea-Bissau,” Africa 89, 1 (February 2019): 1-20.


Ruy Llera Blanes, “The good and the bad of the same: On the political value of historical repetition in Angola,” History and Anthropology 30, 2 (2019): 212-225, open access:


Margarida Paredes, “Deolinda Rodrigues,” Oxford Research Encyclopedias on African History, ed., Thomas Spear (2019), open access until April 26,


Heidi Gengenbach, “From cradle to chain? Gendered struggles for cassava commercialisation in Mozambique,” Canadian Journal of Development Studies / Revue canadienne d'études du développement, 2019, DOI: 10.1080/02255189.2019.1570088


Jessica Milgroom and Jesse Ribot, “Children of Another Land: Social Disarticulation, Access to Natural Resources and the Reconfiguration of Authority in Post Resettlement” [about the resettlement of two natural resource-dependent communities out of the Limpopo National Park in Mozambique], Society & Natural Resources 2019, prepublication view,


Augusto Nascimento, São Tomé e Príncipe: as tramas da política e a emancipação do saber histórico (2019), (belated information on book launch)


Jaroslaw Jura, Kaja Kaluzynska, and Paulo de Carvalho, “‘The big brother we appreciate’ or a ‘mafioso’? The emergence of stereotypes concerning China and the Chinese in Angola,” Journal of African Media Studies 10, 3 (2019)


John K. Thornton, “King Afonso I of Kongo: The Making of an African Christian King and His Kingdom,” in African Christian Biography, ed. Dana Robert (Cluster Publications, 2018) (full TOC available here


Linda M. Heywood, “Queen Njinga and Her Faiths: Religion and Politics in Seventeenth-Century Angola,” in African Christian Biography, ed. Dana Robert (Cluster Publications, 2018)


Karine Ginisty, “Bouger dans le centre-ville de Maputo pour se prostituer: regard sur des citadinités contraintes,” Urbanités 11 (Février 2019)


Lia Dias Laranjeira, Mashinamu na Uhuru, Arte Makonde e História Política de Moçambique (1950-1974)


Carlos Shenga and Lorraine Howe, The Rule of Law: Evaluation of Performance of Mozambique Electoral Democracy, CPGD (Centro de Pesquisas sobre Governação e Desenvolvimento), February 2019, Main website, ; pdf of this report at this link:


Renato Matusse, Josina Malique, e Joharia Issufo, org., Armando Guebuza: Promotor do desenvolvimento social em Moçambique -- Colectânea de Comunicações do Chefe de Estado (2005 a 2014)


Adolfo Maria, Angola: A Hora da Mudança (Ed. Colibri, 2019),


Elisabete Azevedo-Harmon and Ricardo Godinho Gomes, “Post-Legislative Scrutiny of the Law against Gender-Based Violence: The Successful Story of the Cabo Verde Parliament,” European Journal of Law Reform Issue 2 (2019)



News and blogs:


Sean Smith, photographer, “After the oil boom: Luanda faces stark inequality – photo essay,” The Guardian (22 Jan 2019)


Andrew Bagala, “ADF opens cell in Mozambique, says security expert,” Uganda Daily Monitor (1 April 2019)


Miguel Cardina, “Luta ca Caba Inda: Do Arquivo ao Fragmento,” Memoirs Newsletter (12 January 2019) [Guinea-Bissau]

And check out the site more generally, Memoirs: Filhos de Império e Pós-Memórias Europeias


Ari Shapiro, interview with Daviz Simango, “He Thought his City was Prepared for Big Storms. Then Cyclone Idai Hit,” NPR Goats and Soda (10 April 2019)


Robin Young and Chance Briggs, “Mozambique After Cyclone Idai: An Update On Relief Efforts,” NPR radio report, audio (April 11, 2019)


There has been extensive and ongoing coverage of Cyclone Idai in Mozambique (and Zimbabwe and Malawi), for one overview and collection of links, see “Southern Africa/Global: Cyclone Idai and Climate Justice,” AfricaFocus Bulletin (March 22, 2019),