Recent publications on Lusophone Africa

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Recent publications on Lusophone Africa, with the usual wide range of topics, with some of interest on environmental issues and urban studies.

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Nuno Vidal, “The historical-sociological matrix and ethos at the heart and strength of MPLA’s modern Angola,” Tempo 25, 1 Niterói jan./abr. 2019


Nuno Vidal, “International development strategies for the XXIst century and post-modern patrimonialism in Africa – Angola and Mozambique,” Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional 61, 1 (2018)


Colin Darch, Historical Dictionary of Mozambique, New Edition (Rowman and Littlefield, 2018) - newly written from scratch, not a revision of the prior editions.


Christabelle Peters, “Contrapuntos Latino Africanos: Operation Antonio Maceo and the Mists of Benguela Bay,” Journal of Global South Studies 35, 2 (Fall 2018): 242-270


João Afonso Baptista, “Eco(il)logical Knowledge: on Different Ways of Relating with the Known,” Environmental Humanities 10, 2 (2018): 397–420 [on forest knowledge in Angola]. Link:


Vanessa dos Santos Oliveira, “Donas, pretas livres e escravas em Luanda (Séc. XIX),” Estudos Ibero-Americanos 44, 3 (2018): 447-456


Cristina Udelsmann Rodrigues, “Climate Change and DIY Urbanism in Luanda and Maputo: New Urban Strategies?,” International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development (2019) (publication preview)


Linda Van de Kamp, “Women and the Afro-Brazilian Pentecostal War in Mozambique,” in Spirit on the Move: Black Women and Pentecostalism in Africa and the Diaspora, ed. Judith Casselberry and Elizabeth A. Pritchard, 67-88 (Duke University Press, 2019).


Christine Hackenesch, “Angola,” in The EU and China in African Authoritarian Regimes: Domestic Politics and Governance Reforms (Palgrave, 2018)


Murtah Shannon, “African Urban Development in a Post-Aid Era: The ‘Dutch Approach’ to Urban Restructuring in Beira City, Mozambique,” Built Environment 44, 4 (January 2019): 397-419, special issue on urban land grabs in Africa,


Kei Otsuki, “Who is ‘the Public’: Infrastructure of Displacement and Urban Resettlement in Mozambique,” Built Environment 44, 4 (January 2019): 493-508, special issue on urban land grabs in Africa,


Murtah Shannon, “Who Controls the City in the Global Urban Era? Mapping the Dimensions of Urban Geopolitics in Beira City, Mozambique,” Land 8, 2 (February 2019), (open access)


Jeferson Argolo Argolo Rosa, “A emigração angolana para Brasil: imigrantes, estudantes e refugiados,” Redos: Revista do Corpo Discente do Programa de Pós-Graduação em História da URFGS 10, n.23 (2018)


Blogs and News


Cristiane Vieira Teixeira, “Africa: 40 Years On - African Contract Workers Who Came to Germany and Stayed,” DW Deutsch Welle (22 Feb 2019)

Discussion of Ibraimo Alberto (with Daniel Bachmann), Ich wollte leben wie die Götter: Was in Deutschland aud meinen afrikanischen Träumen wurde (KiWi, 2014)

An older review of the book in German by Petra Aschoff can be found here: Mosambik-Rundbrief Nr. 89 (Dezember 2014)