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Call for Papers, Journal of the Indian Ocean Region
Special edition 2018: Indian Ocean Diplomacy

States of the Indian Ocean defy generalisation but these littoral states share specific commonalities that have paved the way for multilateral diplomatic, security, scientific and military efforts to address issues of mutual concern in their oceanic commons. States in the Indian Ocean have cooperated, and will continue to cooperate to combat piracy, terrorism, nuclear non-proliferation, and matters related to mutual maritime affairs.

Cooperation on matters of mutual concern such as the earlier examples reveals the underlying and shared norms between participating actors. Cognizance of these norms can improve and predict future cooperation and behavior. Norms are also a key to understand an actor’s identity and interests, which are important determinants of an actor’s diplomatic identity, behaviour and practice.

Considering the important link between norms, identity, interests and diplomacy, there is a need to improve our understanding of these links in the Indian Ocean region. Therefore, the objective of this special issue on ‘Indian Ocean Diplomacy’ is add to our knowledge of Indian Ocean dynamics, the prevailing norms in the region, and the region’s interactions with the world. Contributions are invited and welcomed on the following, but not restricted to, themes:

 Norm-building in the Indian Ocean Region;

 Norms, identity, interests and power in the Indian Ocean Region;

 Indian Ocean Region Diplomacy and diplomatic practices;

 Norms, geostrategic and security concerns in the Region; and

 Diplomatic case studies on Indian Ocean Region security, piracy, nuclear non-proliferation, oceans governance, whaling, terrorism, and scientific collaboration; and

 Diplomatic training in the Indian Ocean Region.

Special Edition 2018: Indian Ocean Diplomacy
Guest editor: Jo-Ansie van Wyk

Submission deadlines:
Abstracts: 2 August 2017
Full paper: 11 December 2018
Publication in hard copy: July 2018

Potential contributors can access the JIOR website at:

Authors are encouraged to submit abstracts and proposals to the Commissioning Editor of the journal:
Dr. Adela Alfonsi:

For additional information on this call for papers and the Special Edition, please contact the Guest Editor:
Prof Jo-Ansie van Wyk:

The Journal of the Indian Ocean Region (JIOR) is the flagship journal of the Indian Ocean Research Group Inc - It is also affiliated with the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA). It publishes interdisciplinary social science and policy research on the nature and impact of the human uses of the Indian Ocean Region (IOR), and works to increase knowledge of a wide range of traditional and non-traditional security threats in order to maintain peace and stability in the IOR.

The journal seeks research articles, discussion papers, policy papers and book reviews on major Indian Ocean issues such as: regional geopolitics; resource exploitation; maritime jurisdiction, coastal management, ocean laws, maritime security; human and environmental security; human trade and cooperation. Interstate relations and non-traditional security threats thus constitute the substantive, but not necessarily exclusive, contents of the JIOR.

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