TOC: Trialog 128, 1 (2017): Urban Transitions in Africa

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Trilog 128 1/2017 - December 2017

Urban Transitions in Africa
Volume editors: Alexander Jachnow, Carolina Lunetta, Klaus Teschner

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The Benefits of Dysfunctionalities – Complex Land Markets and the Rapid Urbanisation of Mozambique
Alexander Jachnow

Analysing Urban Growth in Mozambique: The Influencing Factors of Urban Expansion and Their Impacts
Carolina Lunetta and Els Keunen

Experiences of Inverse Planning – Re-thinking Land Access and Urban Governance in Maputo, Mozambique
Anna Mazzolini and Daniel Draper

The Compact City versus Making Room for Future City Expansion in the Context of Nampula, Mozambique
Ogenis Brilhante

Working with Urban Expansion and Densification in Sub-Saharan Africa: Learning from Land Access and Urban Development in Maputo
Paul Jenkins

Neo-customary Turn in Urban Land/Settlement Delivery and the Sprawl Question in Peri-urban Enugu, Nigeria
Victor U. Onyebueke and Raphael I. Ndukwu

Urban Sprawl and Gentrification in Belo Horizonte, Mozambique: Informal Land Markets and Disappearing Peasantries
Eléusio Viegas Filipe and Simon Norfolk

Implications of Informal Settlement Upgrading on Inclusive Urban Development in the City of Lusaka: The Case of Kalingalinga
Eddy Chikuta, Wilma S. Nchito, Emma Wragg and Gilbert Siame

Bairros – Barriers or Gateways for Mozambique’s Young Women?
Kerry Selvester and Caroline Wood

Informal Settlements in Cairo – Formation Process and Options for Improvement
Hans Harms

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