Recent publications on Lusophone Africa

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Here are some more recent articles and books on Lusophone Africa; in particular, note the special forum on Lusophone Cities in Southern Africa in the newest issue of the Journal of Southern African Studies.

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Robert Stock, “Cinema and Conflict in Postcolonial Mozambique: Archival Images as Illustration and Evidence in Estas São as Armas (1978),” in Adriana Martins, Alexandra Lopes, Mónica Dias, eds., Mediations of Disruption in Post-Conflict Cinema. Palgrave Macmillan, 2016, pp. 75-91. Link:

Colin Darch, “Briefing: Separatist Tensions and Violence in the ‘Model Post-Conflict State’: Mozambique since the 1990s,” Review of African Political Economy 43, no. 148 (2016): 320-327.

Xavier de Figueiredo, Crónica da Fundação - Huambo | Nova Lisboa (Monitorius, 2016) ISBN: 978-989-98398-3-0

Xavier de Figueiredo, Ceuta, Primeira Conquista de Portugal Além-Mar (Monitorius, 2016) ISBN: 978-989-20-6158-0

Silvio de Almeida Carvalho Filho, Angola: História, Nação e Literatura (1975-1985) (Editora Prismas, 2016). 
Note: Book launch 16 de julho de 2016, Livraria da Travessa, R. Voluntários da Pátria, 97, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Carlos Pacheco, Agostinho Neto: O Perfil de um ditador – A História do MPLA em Carne Viva, 2 vols. (Editora Nova Vega, 2016).  Note: Book launch, 5 Julho, Auditório da Torre do Tombo, Lisboa.

Paula Sophia Branco de Lima, Moçambique como lugar de interrogação a modernidade em Elísio Macamo e Severino Ngoenha (African Minds, May 2016)

David Wheat, Atlantic Africa and the Spanish Caribbean, 1570-1640 (Published for the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture, Williamsburg, Virginia)  (University of North Carolina Press, May 2016)

Linell Chewins, “The Relationship between Trade in Southern Mozambique and State Formation: Reassessing Hedges on Cattle, Ivory and Brass,” Journal of Southern African Studies 42, 4 (August 2016): 725-741.


Special forum in the Journal of Southern African Studies 42, 4 (August 2016): Lusophone Cities in Southern Africa

Sílvia Leiria Viegas, “Urbanisation and Peri-Urbanisation in Luanda: A Geopolitical and Socio-Spatial Perspective from the Late Colonial Period to the Present,” 595-618

Vanessa de Pacheco Melo, “The Production of Urban Peripheries For and By Low-Income Populations at the Turn of the Millennium: Maputo, Luanda and Johannesburg,” 619-641

Sandra Roque, Miguel Mucavele, and Nair Noronha, “Subúrbios and Cityness: Exploring Imbrications and Urbanity in Maputo, Mozambique,” 643-658


News and Blogs:

Saskia de Rothschild, “An Atlantic Archipelago’s Main Export:  Music,” New York Times (4 May 2016), about the Atlantic Music Expo in Cabo Verde