Recent publications on Lusophone Africa

Kathleen Sheldon Discussion

Once again, many interesting recent publications on Lusophone Africa. In particular there are many new publications on Amilcar Cabral, marking the 50th anniversary of his murder.

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Alfredo Margarido, Ensaios Escolhidos - Vol. I - Colonialismo, Resistência, Independência, ed., Isabel Castro Henriques (Almedina, 2023),

Rosa Forte, Paulo Teles, and Ermelinda Santana, “Determinants of FDI in Cape Verde: Empirical Evidence for the Period 1986-2019,” Journal of Developing Areas 57, 2 (2023): 31-50,

Hilda Varela Barraza, “Vida y pensamiento de un africano excepcional: Amílcar Cabral,” Asia y África 58, 2 (2023),

Elsa Peralta and Bruno Góis, “Os Inseparáveis da Huíla: comemoração e nostalgia colonial nos encontros de portugueses retornados de Angola,” Lusotopie 21, 2 (2022),

Claire Eldridge, Christoph Kalter, and Becky Taylor, “Migrations of Decolonization, Welfare, and the Unevenness of Citizenship in the UK, France and Portugal,” Past & Present 259, 1 (May 2023): 155–193, open access,

Charlotte Walker-Said and Nadeige Laure Ngo Nlend, "Policing Christianity in Cameroon, Nigeria, and Angola: Spiritual Incorporation as Therapy and Threat in Africa." Journal of Africana Religions 11, 1 (2023): 27-56.

Martinho Pedro, “The prevalence of traces of slavery and colonialism in collective practices of Mozambican daily life,” Práticas da História. Journal on Theory, Historiography and Uses of the Past 15 (2023): 183–237, 

Sérgio Feliciano Come, José Ambrósio Ferreira Neto, and Eunice Paula Armando Cavane, “Farmers’ Participation in Agricultural Research and Rural Extension Programs: Empirical Evidence of Maize Producers in Sussundenga District, Mozambique,” Journal of Agricultural Studies 11, 1 (2023),

Carlos Oya and Florian Schaefer, “Do Chinese firms in Africa pay lower wages? A comparative analysis of manufacturing and construction firms in Angola and Ethiopia,” World Development 168 (August 2023), open access,

Gina Heathcote and Lucia Kula, “Abandoning the Idealized White Subject of Legal Feminism: A Manifesto for Silence in a Lusophone Register,” [Angola] Global Constitutionalism (2023), pre-publication,

Nuno Fragoso Vidal, “Angolan State security/intelligence services, and their support of the MPLA and presidential hegemony,” Journal of Intelligence History (2023), pre-publication,

Wolfgang Stojetz and Tilman Brück, “Exposure to collective gender-based violence causes intimate partner violence,” [Angolan war veteran families] Journal of Development Economics (2023), pre-publication,

Rasmus Hundsbaek Pedersen, José Jaime Macuane, Lars Buur, and Faustin Maganga, Natural resource investments in Africa often lead to conflicts [Mozambique, Tanzania, and Uganda] (DIIS: Dansk Institut for Internationale Studierm, 2023),

José Neves e Leonor Pires Martins, org., Cabral – Ka Mori: Catálogo de ‘Amílcar Cabral, Uma Exposição’ (Comissão Comemorativa 50 Anos 25 Abril, 2023),

Domingos Simões Pereira, Kumus- A Ponte Até Nós Mesmos (Nimba Edições, 2023),

Armindo de Ceita do Espírito Santo, História de São Tomé e Príncipe - De meados do século XIX ao fim do regime colonial (1852-1974) (Nimba Edições, 2023),

Livio Sansone, Field Station Bahia: Brazil in the Work of Lorenzo Dow Turner, E. Franklin Frazier and Frances and Melville Herskovits, 1935-1967 (Brill, 2023), open access,

Matthew Francis Rarey, Insignificant Things: Amulets and the Art of Survival in the Early Black Atlantic (Duke University Press, 2023),

Previously posted, but now with a link: Marcos Vinicius Santos, O Humano, o Selvagem e o Civilizado. Discursos Sobre Evolução Natural (Salvador: Sagga Editora, 2022),


News and Blogs:

“Amílcar Cabral, uma Exposição,” Lisboa, Palácio Baldaya, 16 março - 25 junho de 2023

Luciana Leiderfarb, “Um Camões para Paulina: escritora moçambicana recebe hoje o maior prémio da literatura em português,” Expresso (5 Maio 2023),

“Amílcar Cabral’s life, legacy and reluctant nationalism – an interview with António Tomás,” Review of African Political Economy blog (May 3, 2023),

Andrew Green, “Colin McCord, obituary,” The Lancet (April 29, 2023), he worked in Mozambique in the 1980s,

Sam Roberts, “Colin McCord, Who Helped Impose a Smoking Ban, Dies at 94,” New York Times (April 7, 2023), he worked in Mozambique in the 1980s,

Abel Djassi Amado, “O neo-lusotropicalismo linguístico: críticas à lei que classifica a língua portuguesa como património cultural imaterial de Cabo Verde,” Buala (26 Abril 2023),

Bill Kondracki and Tom Gould, “Analysis: IS-M Propaganda Highlights Insurgents’ Own Deficiencies,” Zitamar (January 17, 2023),

Benjamin Crais, “The Traveller,” Sidecar (New Left Review) (27 January 2023), about Robert Kramer, who filmed Scenes from the Class Struggle in Portugal, 1977, and the photo-essay, With Freedom in Their Eyes, 1976, about Angola, though the article only touches briefly on those projects,

“Projeto Literatura em Moçambique - Investigações Críticas convida: Prof. Doutor Francisco Noa,” YouTube, 2 hour presentation (4 Aug 2022),

The Sound of Masks (2018), a study of mapiko masked dancing in northern Mozambique from filmmaker Sara de Gouveia, is available online from PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) in their series, “Afropop: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange,” until April 30, 2026, . It appears that it will air in the U.S. on May 1, 2023, though local schedules may vary.

“Todas sabemos — manifesto,” Público (14 de Abril de2023), a report and petition on the sexual assault scandal in Portuguese higher education,
The article that sparked this debate did not name the individuals or the institution involved, though they are now known to be Boaventura de Sousa Santos and Bruno Sena Martins at Coimbra University. See Lieselotte Viaene, Catarina Laranjeiro, and Miye Nadya Tom, “The walls spoke when no one else would: Autoethnographic notes on sexual-power gatekeeping within avant-garde academia,” in Sexual Misconduct in Academia: Informing an Ethics of Care in the University, ed., Erin Pritchard and Delyth Edwards (Routledge, 2023), available here: