TOC: Kronos: Southern African Histories 39 (2013), special issue on The Liberation Script in Mozambican History

Kathleen Sheldon Discussion

Kronos: Southern African Histories 39 (November 2013)

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Special issue on The Liberation Script in Mozambican History

Guest editors, Rui Assubuji, Paolo Israel, and Drew Thompson

10 A Loosening Grip: The Liberation Script in Mozambican History, by Paolo Israel
20 Politics and Contemporary History in Mozambique: A Set of Epistemological Notes, by João Paulo Borges Coelho

32 Political Rhetoric in the Transition to Mozambican Independence: Samora Machel in Beira, June 1975, by Colin Darch & David Hedges
66 The Political Sublime. Reading Kok Nam, Mozambican Photographer (1939-2012), by Rui Assubuji and Patricia Hayes
112 ‘They can kill us but we won’t go to the Communal Villages!’: Peasants and the Policy of ‘Socialization of the Countryside’ in Zambezia, by Sergio Inácio Chichava
131 History Writing and State Legitimisation in Postcolonial Mozambique: The Case of the History Workshop, Centre for African Studies, 1980-1986, by Carlos Fernandes
158 Constructing a History of Independent Mozambique, 1974-1982: A Study in Photography, by Drew Thompson
185 The Writings of the National Anthem in Post-Independence Mozambique: Fictions of the Subject-People, by Maria-Benedita Basto
204 Lingundumbwe: Feminist Masquerades and Women’s Liberation, Nangade, Mueda, Muidumbe, 1950-2005, by Paolo Israel
230 Muslim Memories of the Liberation War in Cabo Delgado, by Liazzat Bonate
257 Uhuru na Kazi: Recapturing MANU Nationalism through the Archive, by Joel Tembe
280 Memory and Identity in the History of Frelimo: Some Research Directions, by Amélia Souto

298 Fictions of the Liberation Struggle: Ruy Guerra, José Cardoso, Zdravko Velimirovic, by Raquel Schefer
316 Of the Anti-Lusotropicalist Good Fortune of a Mozambican Dissertation, by Michel Cahen

324 Eric Morier-Genoud, ed., Sure Road? Nationalisms in Angola, Guinea- Bissau and Mozambique (Leiden: Brill, 2012), by Jeremy Ball
327 Eric Allina, Slavery by Any Other Name: African Life under Company Rule in Mozambique (Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 2012), by Roquinaldo Ferreira
329 Allen Isaacman, Dams, Displacement and Delusions (Athens (OH): Ohio University Press, Coll. ‘New African Histories’, 2013), by Eric Morier-Genoud
332 Aldino Muianga, Nghamula, o Homem do Tchova (ou o Eclipse de um Cidadão) (Maputo: Alcance Editores, 2012), by Francisco Noa