Recent publications on Lusophone Africa

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Another great collection of publications to read about Lusophone Africa!

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Miguel Cardina and Inês Nascimento Rodrigues, Remembering the Liberation Struggles in Cape Verde: A Mnemohistory (Routledge, 2022), open access,ês-nascimento-rodrigues

Corinna Jentzsch and Juan Masullo, “Violent or non-violent action? Wartime civilian resistance in Colombia and Mozambique,” Political Geography, 99 (2022), open access,

José C. Curto, “Fontes eclesiásticas para a história de Angola antes de 1900: O caso do Arquivo do Bispado de Luanda,” Estudos Ibero-Americanos 48:1 (2022),

Luis M. P. Ceríaco, Ricardo F. de Lima, Martim Melo, and Rayna C. Bell, eds., Biodiversity of the Gulf of Guinea Oceanic Islands: Science and Conservation [São Tomé e Príncipe] (Springer, 2022), open access, full TOC at the link:

Nicolas Lippolis, “The logic of authoritarian industrial policy: the case of Angola’s special economic zone,” African Affairs 121, Issue 485 (October 2022): 595–622,

Ricardo Soares de Oliveira, “Researching Africa and the offshore world,” Journal of Modern African Studies 60, 3 (2022): 265-296, includes Luanda Leaks in the analysis, open access, doi:10.1017/S0022278X22000210

Jon Schubert, “‘A vision for the future’: Professional Ethos as Boundary Work in Mozambique’s Public Sector,” Critique of Anthropology 42, 4 (December 2022): 400-418; special issue on Engineering the Middle Classes: State Institutions and the Aspirations of Citizenship,   

Natacha Bruna, “Gendered Terms of Incorporation and Exclusion in Rural Mozambique: Unpacking Pre-existing Inequalities and Mechanisms of Compensation,” Feminist Africa 3, 2 (2022) 14-34,

Natacha Bruna, “A climate-smart world and the rise of Green Extractivism,” [on Mozambique] Journal of Peasant Studies 49, 4 (2022): 839-864,

Fritz Nganje, “City-to-City Cooperation and The Promise of a Democratic ‘Right to the City’: Experiences from Brazil and Mozambique,” in Between Fault Lines and Front Lines: Shifting Power in an Unequal World, ed., Katja Hujo and Maggie Carter (Bloomsbury, 2022),

Jess Auerbach, “Surveillance and the Selva? Digital Middle-Class Identities in Angola and across the South Atlantic,” in Middle Class Identities and Social Crisis: Cultural and Political Perspectives on the ‘Global Rebellion’, ed., Alejandro Grimson, Menara Guizardi, and Silvina Merenson (Routledge, 2022),

Atsushi Iimi, “Agriculture Production and Transport Connectivity: Evidence from Mozambique,” Journal of Development Studies 58, 12 (2022): 2483-2502,

Maria José Lobo Antunes, “A crack in everything: Violence in soldiers’ narratives about the Portuguese colonial war in Angola,” History and Anthropology 33, 5 (2022): 611-630,

Jose Alejandro Sebastian Barrios Diaz, “Por Intermédio da Luta Armada: Ocupação Colonial, Guerra de Libertação Nacional e Independência em Moçambique,” Revista Brasileira de Estudos Africanos 7, 14 (2022),

Fernanda do Nascimento Thomaz, Casaco que se despe pelas costas: história do colonialismo, justiça e agências africanas em Moçambique (Editora da UFJF, 2022), available here:

João Mosca, ADN da Frelimo: Poder e Dinheiro (Centro de Integridade Pública, 2022), available at

Ana Inglês, Inês Raimundo, and Sylvia Croese, “Public Spaces and Urban Revitalization. Evidence and Insights from Luanda and Maputo,” Journal of Public Space 7, 1 (2022), special issue, Public Space and Placemaking in African Cities

Theresa Koenig, Roland Krebs, Stefan Mayr, Carla Cortez, Shila de Morais, Ricardo Rosão, and Ariela Oliveira, “Dialog-oriented Urban Design Processes and the Place-led Approach for Upgrading Informal Settlements in Maputo, Mozambique,” Journal of Public Space 7, 1 (2022), special issue, Public Space and Placemaking in African Cities

Carlos Smaniotto Costa, Nagayamma Aragão, Isaac Santos, and Diderot Carvalho, “Largo da Peça in Benguela (Angola) and the Municipal Market in São Tomé (Sao Tomé and Príncipe),” Journal of Public Space 7, 1 (2022), special issue, Public Space and Placemaking in African Cities

Bhaso Ndzendze and Zimkhitha Manyana, “A differentiated courtship: A regime-type analysis of Russia’s Southern African (arms) trade, 2012–2019,” South African Journal of International Affairs, (2022) pre-publication,

Pierre-Joseph Laurent, L’invention du Cap-Vert. De la créolisation (Éditions Dépaysage: 2022),

José Pedro Monteiro, The Internationalisation of the ‘Native Labour' Question in Portuguese Late Colonialism, 1945–1962 (Palgrave, 2022),

Nafeesah Allen, Indo-Mozambicans in Maputo, 1947-1992: Oral Narratives on Identity and Migration (Palgrave, 2022),

Rafael Coca de Campos, Kakombola. O genicódio dos mucubais na Angola colonial, 1930-1943 (Atena Editora, 2022).

Todd Cleveland, Seguindo a Bola: A Importância dos Futebolistas Africanos no Império Colonial Português (Lisbon: Infinito Particular, 2022) [translation of Following the Ball: The Migration of African Soccer Players across the Portuguese Colonial Empire, 1949–1975 (2018)];  

Corentin Cohen e Ricardo Soares de Oliveira, “Limpando a reputação de governos autoritários em Paris e Lisboa,” [includes Angola] Global Insights Report (1 Março de 2022),

About Malaysia, not Africa, but looks interesting: Sarah Sakeenah Azhari, Stefanie Pillai, and N. A. N. Mat Isa, “The representation of cultural identity in Melaka Portuguese cookbooks,” Food, Culture & Society (2022) DOI: 10.1080/15528014.2022.2138317


News and Blogs:

Alex Vines, Anne Pitcher, and Carol Castiel, “30th anniversary of the Mozambique Peace Accords,” Voice of America (7 October 2022), 25-minute discussion,

“Getting married in Machaze: Not likely before the bicycles and barrels,” Club of Mozambique (31 Oct 2022); bicycles now required as part of lobolo,

Lorraine Howe and Carlos Shenga, “Climate change and its consequences: concerns and experiences of Mozambican citizens,” CPGD Policy Brief No 4 (Centre for Research on Governance and Development, November 2022),