TOC: Portuguese Studies Review 25, 1; Historical trajectories of the Third Portuguese Empire

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Portuguese Studies Review, Vol. 25, No. 1
New Series (In Press -- Shipping December 2017)  [PSR is now found at this new link].

“Historical trajectories of the Third Portuguese Empire: Reexamining the Dynamics of Imperial Rule and Colonial Societies (1900-1975)”
(Guest Editors: Cláudia Castelo, Philip Havik, Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo)


Cláudia Castelo, Philip Havik, and Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo, “Historical Trajectories of the Third Portuguese Empire: Reexamining the Dynamics of Imperial Rule and Colonial Societies (1900-1975)”

The Science of Empire: Knowledge, Transfers, and Laboratories

Philip J. Havik, “From Hospitals to Villages: Population Health, Medical Services and Disease Control in Former Portuguese Africa”

Samuël Coghe, “Between Inter-imperial Learning and National Prestige. The Politics of Mass Chemoprophylaxis against Sleeping Sickness in Portuguese Colonial Africa”

Cláudia Castelo, “African Knowledge and Resilience in the Late Portuguese Colonial Empire: The Agro-pastoralists of Southwestern Angola"

The Labours of the Empire: On Scales and Comparisons

José Pedro Monteiro, “A 'Very Delicate Position': Portuguese 'Native Labour' policies and international Non-metropolitan Labour Standards in the Aftermath of Second World War (1945-1949)"

Teresa Furtado, “On Private Coercive Power in Angola: Towards a Comparative Approach"

The (Re)ordering of the Empire: On the Development of Control

Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo and Hugo Gonçalves Dores, “On the 'Efficiency' of Civilization: Politics, Religion and the Native Settlement in Portuguese Africa in the 1940s"

Bernardo Pinto da Cruz and Diogo Ramada Curto, “The Good and the Bad Concentration: Regedorias in Angola"

The Administration of the Empire: Repertoires, Improvisations, and Aftermaths

Maria da Conceição Neto, “The Colonial State and its Non-citizens: “Native Courts” and Judicial Duality in Angola"

Luís Filipe Madeira, “The Colonial Budgets, a Sophisticated Propaganda Device in Portuguese Late Imperialism"

Alexander Keese, “Decolonisation, Improvised: A Social History of the Transfer of Power in Cabo Verde, 1974–1976"

The Cultures of Empire: Gender, Identity, Memory

Filipa Lowndes Vicente, “Lusophone Indian Women Writers: The Case of Goa (1850-1950)"

Maria José Lobo Antunes, “Narrating two times: Ex-combatants’ Memories of Angola"