CFP: The Potsdam Mission, USMLM Association, October 2-3 2020, Army History Museum, Ft. Belvoir (Virginia),

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Call for Papers for the 2nd “The Potsdam Missions: the Story beyond the Bridge of Spies.” October 02-03 2020, Army History Museum, Ft. Belvoir, Virginia Overview.

Submission deadline: 1 July 2020. Judging Process and Standards: Submissions will be judged on academic rigor, clear presentation, creativity, and the potential to contribute to the knowledge base on the Tri-Missions or the climate within which the Missions operated. A committee of experienced academics and former USMLM officers with a background in intelligence will review the submissions. Send submissions to

The Potsdam Missions—BRIXMIS, FMLM, USMLM—performed two functions in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) during the Cold War: liaison between the respective Allied commands and the Group of Soviet Forces, Germany (GSFG); and collection of information related to GSFG readiness, manning, equipment and morale. The first conference took place in Potsdam in June 2019 and was supported by several German government organizations based in Berlin, as well as the European Division of the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC). German academics, the US Army USAREUR Command Historian, and former British, French and American mission members. Submission guidelines. Papers and presentations will be submitted electronically along with an author’s biography that includes professional affiliation, contact information and any requirements association with the submission. Author should state whether the submission is for a paper, panel discussion or other format. The conference is open to different formats. The conference is being held on the 30th anniversary of the closing of USMLM.


  • Tri-Mission role and contribution
  • GSFG, USAREUR and GDR relations
  • The GDR State Security apparatus
  • Allied intelligence operations in and/or against the GDR/GSFG
  • Political/military activity connected to the GDR or GSFG
  • Soviet/GDR intelligence in and/or against the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG)
  • Soviet/GDR intelligence in and/or against USAREUR or Allied Forces

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