CFA: Journal of Advanced Military Studies

Constant Hijzen Discussion

Dear all,

Happy to forward you this call for articles by the Journal of Advanced Military Studies. Topics they address are, among other things, of concern to the Marine Corps and the Department of Defense through the lens of various disciplines, including international relations, political science, security studies, and political economics.

The Fall 2020 issue will have a broadly construed theme: Naval Integration and the Future of Naval Warfare.

This issue of JAMS will address elements of the Commandant's Planning Guidance, particularly the concept of naval integration and what it means for the Services, especially the Marine Corps. Further, authors may discuss how future warfare will play out based on these concepts. The editors are interested in exploring the topic from a variety of perspectives, including those for and against, an analysis of past and current attempts, and what naval integration may mean for the future of the Corps. Authors are encouraged to explore the capabilities that will be required to shift from a traditional power projection model to a persistent forward presence and how the Marine Corps can exploit its positional advantage while defending critical regions, such as those in the South China Sea or the Arctic and Antarctic.

JAMS is a peer-reviewed journal, and submissions should be 4,000–10,000 words, footnoted, and formatted according to Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition). Junior faculty and advanced graduate students are encouraged to submit. MCUP is also looking for book reviewers from international studies, political science, and contemporary history fields. To receive a copy of the journal or to discuss an article idea or book review, please contact

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