CFP: Climate Security (Journal of Strategic Security)

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H-Intel Members,

The open access Journal of Strategic Security, published quarterly by Henley-Putnam University and the University of South Florida, has issued a call for manuscripts on climate security ("Climate Security: Geo-Political and Security Consequences of Climate Change").  The recommended abstract submission date is January 15, 2020, with full manuscript submissions due on May 1, 2020.  The expected publication date is November 2020.  Here is an excerpt from the call:

"The special issue will specifically look at several interrelated issues:

  • An overview of Climate Change and the Climate Emergency.
  • Climate Security: The geo-political and security issues related to climate change.
  • Disaster Risk Reduction, Emergency Operations, Public Health and Climate Change.
  • The Climate-Conflict Nexus as related to resource wars, insurgency, and terrorism.
  • Organized Crime and Climate Change (including corruption, resource extraction and conflict generating potentials)."

Further information and details can be found here:

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