CFP: White Rose International History and International Relations Research Seminar 2018/19

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White Rose International History and International Relations Research Seminar - Universities of Leeds and York

This seminar series will host postgraduate researchers in the fields of International History and International Relations, taking place across the Universities of Leeds and York. Each seminar will host up to two speakers - one each from the disciplines of International History and International Relations – speaking on a common theme (e.g. US foreign policy in historical and contemporary perspectives). We are particularly keen to receive abstracts from researchers who are in the advanced stages of writing up articles or thesis chapters with the intention of publishing in the near future or submitting as part of their thesis.

The seminar series will provide speakers with a fresh environment in which they can discuss their works-in-progress and receive feedback and suggestions from other postgraduate researchers and academic staff at the hosting institutions. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the series, it will also provide fresh perspectives and open up new avenues for investigation. We welcome abstracts covering any of the following themes (from any geographic perspective and encouraging any interdisciplinary applications), from either an historical or contemporary perspective:

1) Diplomats and the workings of diplomacy

2) Ideology

3) War and conflict

4) The making of foreign policy

5) The role of intelligence

6) Critical approaches to international relations (race, gender, etc.)

7) Soft power and cultural diplomacy


The call for papers is open to all postgraduate researchers, both in the UK and abroad, currently working on any aspect of modern International History or International Relations. We will cover costs of travel and accommodation, as well as pay for a post-workshop dinner for the speakers.[1]  Seminars will be held on 11 October (Leeds), 8 November (York) and 13 December (Leeds) in 2018, and 14 February (York), 14 March (Leeds) and 12 April (York) in 2019.

Please submit an abstract, a brief summary of your research and any previous publications or conference papers, and intended outputs (500 words max.) to Scott Ramsay and Alexander Shaw at You may also direct any additional questions you have to Scott and Alexander at the same e-mail address.   

Deadline: 15 August 2018

[1] Please note that we can offer a maximum of £100 for travel, and a maximum of £50 for accommodation. Those travelling to one of the White Rose institutions will be required to book advanced train tickets where possible. We cannot reimburse First Class train tickets. Similarly, those travelling by plane must book standard class tickets.