H-Intel Feedback and Suggestions

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H-Intel Members:

As Editor of H-Intel, I’d like to take an opportunity to ask members for feedback and suggestions.  I’d really appreciate hearing what facets of H-Intel and what types of information have been most helpful, and what additional resources would be useful.  If you haven’t used the resources page before, please take a quick look (some new resources have also been recently added).  Perhaps you’ve seen something (feature, resource) on another H-Net page that would be a good fit for H-Intel (or to have linked to H-Intel), or are just an innovative-minded individual with fresh, new ideas!  Thoughts about group discussions and blogs are certainly welcome.  I will also pilot some different facets, and feedback will always be appreciated.  Feel free to comment publicly below, or email me directly at mlandonm@uccs.edu.  What’s most important is that H-Intel is helpful to its members.  Thank you very much for your help, it’s truly appreciated.   


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