CFP: Need to Know VI: Intelligence and Migration

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Need to Know VI: Intelligence and Migration

17-18 Nov 2016

Karlskrona, Sweden

Migration is an integral part of an increasingly globalized world. When large groups of people move from one country or region to the other, however, they are usually viewed with great suspicion by the governments of both the home and host countries. This gives rise to a number of difficult questions: Are these migrants just seeking better jobs or business opportunities? Are they political refugees or victims of brutal regimes? Or are they are carrying a heavier load than just their baggage? Among the migrants or refugees, are there perhaps war criminals, insidious double agents, "illegal" spies, political extremists, or even future terrorists?

The conference will deal with the following questions, among others:

- How do intelligence services use migrants in their work?

- How do counterintelligence services respond to new migrant groups trying to prevent unwanted migration-related phenomena like extremism and espionage?

- Can friendly migrants or their children be trusted in the host country in the sensitive positions?

- How do former home countries infiltrate migrant milieus?

- How do host countries prevent political violence from or against their migrants?

- How are the ideological, national, or religious biases of the migrants used by the secret services?

The deadline for conference paper proposals (to be submitted on the attached form) is May 15, 2016. Please enclose, along with the proposal, an abstract of your paper of 500–700 words in English and a CV. The conference program will be made available by mid June 2016. Submissions and additional questions should be sent to: