PhD's in Progress

Ours is a dispersed field and work in it can get swept away by larger disciplines. As a friendly, supportive counter to this, we will periodically post introductions to graduate work going on in the field of Material Culture Studies. Ideally, this will help all of us connect with others with similar work in mind, maybe connect with new resources, and give new scholars some extra feedback and support. It will also give us all a glimpse of the bright and growing future of our field!

Graduate students are invited to submit summations (250-500 words, give or take) of their material culture studies dissertation work, with a little intro of yourself too. This work does not have to be happening in departments of Material Culture Studies (my assumption is most of them are not). Nor do they need to be ready for defending--we’re not your committee! They just need to engage with objects, sites, landscapes, etc. as material things. Consider including archives or other locations where you are doing your research, theories you are engaging with, particularly interesting bits of material culture you have come across, and pictures are welcome. Whether your entire dissertation is steeped in Schlereth or just a single chapter offers a dose of Deetz, tell us about the material culture work in your dissertations. I’d expect plenty of folks here will be interested and have some helpful and encouraging words for you.

Please send them directly to the site just as you would post messages. Start at our home page, scroll down and click on “Create a New Discussion Post” on the right. (You need to be subscribed to the site to see the link.)