Occasional Objects

Occasional Objects is a space to talk about objects. Subscribers present objects and a brief essay about it for discussion, comment, feedback, and questions.

“Object” and “material culture” are considered broadly and may include items used in daily life, artworks, architecture, publications, locations, landscapes, handmade or mass produced, old or new, little known or over exposed--anything considered materially. The objects may have cultural, aesthetic, historical, or technological significance, widespread impact or deep personal value...or not. They may be objects of particular significance or use to the field of Material Culture Studies. The idea is to offer some info or insight from a material reading of an object and generate discussion among material-minded folks in a thoughtful but relaxed setting.

To suggest an object you find particularly germane, significant, or just plain interesting please send an image of the object and a 50 to 500 word description of what the object is and why we should care to editorial-material-culture@mail.h-net.msu.edu.