CFP Panel: Visual and Material Cultures - Value and Significance for Women, Peace and Security (British Association for South Asian Studies, Annual Conference, Exeter, UK. April 2018)

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Call for Papers:


British Association for South Asian Studies, Annual Conference. Exeter South Asia Center, University of Exeter, UK. 18th April 2018 – 20th April 2018


Panel: Visual and Material Cultures - Value and Significance for Women, Peace and Security


The value of culture in areas of conflict is an area that is only just beginning to be explored. Whilst there are existing and established links between Gender and Development, and Development and Culture, the triangulation of these three dimensions has been limited.

This panel takes an anthropological approach to understanding the value and relevance of culture specific knowledge and skills to peacebuilding and reconstruction from the perspective of women. The value of culture is often explored in fragmented ways and its interrelation with conflict and reconstruction is almost incidental. This panel asks – what are the best ways to address culture and its gendered understandings within conflicts, and questions the reasons for its exclusion from contemporary discourse about development in conflict and post conflict scenarios?


We now invite papers that explore the visual and material cultures of South Asia, in particular papers that focus on the relationship between coded and tacit cultural knowledge and its relationship with women in conflict and post conflict regions. Larger numbers of communities than ever before are on the move and displaced from their homes, however they carry their culture with them often in the shape of visual and material belongings, language and narratives. This culture is essential in defining not just their identity and its related politics, but has implications for where they will go in the future. This panels raises questions about our understanding of these cultures to explore their potential as the starting point for discussions about identity, ambitions of peace, understandings and reconstructions of futures and also the key turning points at which culture shifts and changes with time.


Deadline for submission of extracts: 15 January 2018.

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