Special Issue of Cahiers Balkaniques on Byzantine Embroidery

Nikolaos Vryzidis Discussion

Special Issue of Cahiers Balkaniques:

L’évolution de la broderie de tradition byzantine en Méditerranée orientale et dans le monde slave (1200-1800)

The Evolution of the Byzantine Embroidery Tradition in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Slavic World, 1200-1800

guest editors: Elena Papastavrou, Marielle Martiniani-Reber, editor: Joëlle Dalègre

The 2021 issue of Cahiers Balkaniques (INALCO) is dedicated to the Byzantine tradition of embroidery and its various afterlives/evolutions within the wider context of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Slavic world between 1200 and 1800. Secular and ecclesial embroideries have long been recognized by Byzantinists as refined artifacts that can reflect the artistic, cultural, and spiritual trends of their time. Hence, it is quite surprising that until recently the study of Byzantine and post-Byzantine embroidery remained relatively underdeveloped. The guest editors of this interdisciplinary volume brought together a group of experts in view of accommodating different perspectives, and addressing the big issues raised by the study of this material. Which were the limits of Byzantine influence on Latinate and Slavic productions? How Byzantine were the early modern afterlives of this craft? How and under which circumstances did oriental and western loans merge with Byzantine heritage? Which methodologies are essential for this type of study?

Contributors: Marielle Martiniani-Reber, Warren T. Woodfin, Paschalis Androudis, Alice Isabella Sullivan, Nikolaos Vryzidis, Elena Papastavrou, Glycérie Chatzouli, Daphne Filiou, Nikos Mertzimekis, and Anna Karatzani.