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The link to Resources on the right side of the homepage leads to a very rudimentary collection of resources. I’d like to have a much larger and neater collection of links to useful material culture websites, groups, blogs, departments, centers, publications... SO please send them in! I will maintain this collection as best I can, but would be happy hear from interested parties willing to become Resource Editor on H-Material Culture. Whoever maintains that collection will be cherished in the hearts of many. Click on “Write to the Editors” on our homepage and let me know if you’re interested. 

Object of the Week will begin appearing on Monday Feb. 8! I have received some great contributions so far, but will need more so send in your object images and short essays! I have also heard from some folks excited to blog in a limited capacity in rotation with others on anything and everything Material Culture, so let me know if you’re game to toss in a blog post or two as time permits.

In addition to all the fun new features I’m excited to set up here, H-MATERIAL CULTURE still wants all your CFP’s, Announcements, Queries, Funding Sources and everything else that used to appear on the H-Material Culture listserve. Use the “Create a New Discussion Post” link on the homepage to send them in.

Finally, I have let you all know about many new ways to contribute and help out in the past week. On top of all of those, I’d also love to hear any new ideas. Let me know what you’d like to see around here that you think the world of Material Culture Studies might be interested in and let’s see what we can do!