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Unlike our old H-Material-Culture listserve, our new home in the H-Net Commons has the wonderful ability to accommodate blogs. I’m not 100% sure what to do with this, but I have some ideas in early stages and I’m open to hearing more. 

I’m no blogger myself. Might you be? If you have ever considered blogging on something to do with Material Culture, there is a pretty dynamic template and an interested audience ready made right here. Let me know if you might be this person and become the voice of H-Material Culture’s blog. 

I could also see a “blog” that is more a rotation of a variety bloggers, each making less frequent contributions. This would require a Blog Editor to organize it all. Any interest there?

At the same time, rather than re-create the wheel, there are some very good material culture blogs already out there. It would be useful to create a collection of links to them to store here. On one hand, I think the blogs that already exist are plenty useful to all of us and I’d love to spread the word about them. On the other hand, I know there is always room more voices (this is the internet, after all). Why not do both? 

So let me know about any blogs you know related to our field and I’ll get a collection of links posted. Also let me know if you are interested in blogging yourself, contributing to a rotating collection of bloggers, or wearing the title Blog Editor. Send me a note or reply here and we’ll get these things going!