Teaching Resources and Education Editor wanted on H-MATERIAL CULTURE.

Patrick Cox, H-NET President-Elect and Editor's picture

We could all use some support with our teaching in a world where courses on material culture often feel like token nods in departments of other disciplines and fellow Materialists are not around. I propose collecting resources to enrich our teaching and strengthen our field. H-MATERIAL CULTURE has some and will collect more, but to really build and maintain this resource, I first send out this call for an Education Editor for H-MATERIAL CULTURE. If interested in joining building this resource, please find the “Write to the Editors” link on the home page and send me any questions and expressions of interest...please!

For now, I believe 1. a collection of syllabi of material culture courses, and 2. a bibliography of recommended readings for a hypothetical Introduction to Material Culture courses both seem useful.


If you have taught a Material Culture course of any sort, intro or advanced, undergraduate or graduate, please share your syllabus with your colleagues. Send them by clicking on “Write to the Editors” on the right side of the homepage and adding them as attachments.

Recommended Readings for an Introduction to Material Culture.

These might include good text books or other texts or articles meant to be introductions or overviews. They might also include really exemplary texts of material culture studies, text that might help explain to the newcomer just what material culture studies is by doing material culture studies well.  Please post these to the site by clicking “Create New Discussion Post” on the homepage; they will be organized into a nice Bibliography when they appear on the site. Please include a full citation and 1-2 sentence description of the text.

Eventually, the Teaching Resources page may include other useful resources like documentaries and films, websites, maybe regional museums and archives, maybe more specific reading lists... whatever the lucky new Education Editor likes!