[CFP] Seeking blog submissions! Occasional Objects at H-Net

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 Greetings, material culturists!

Did you know H-Net Material Culture has a blog? Occasional Objects is a space to talk about objects. But we need you, subscribers, to put forth some objects and help get the discussion flowing!


Occasional Objects welcomes material culture of any medium, significance, time, or place of origin/use. If you are interested in submitting to the blog, please suggest an object you find particularly germane, significant, or just plain interesting by emailing a brief proposal to editorial-material-culture@mail.h-net.msu.edu


The blog is meant to be a fairly informal space to offer some info or insight from a material reading of an object and generate discussion among material-minded folks in a thoughtful but relaxed setting. While long-form posts are welcome, shorter (300-600 word), conversation-starter posts are encouraged. Posts from graduate students and professionals of all levels are welcome.

Authors of accepted proposals will be made “contributors” so they can, well, contribute their post to the network! Please contribute your post within a few weeks of acceptance notification, we can make things lively.



Your H-Material-Culture Editors