Material Culture Caucus Events at ASA2016

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Colleagues in Material Culture,

Please join us at the annual business meeting of the Material Culture Caucus and at our sponsored sessions during the ASA meeting in Toronto on October 9 and 10. While the theme is misery and resistance, the atmosphere should be a pleasant one, as usual, with good conversations among the material culture oriented. I’ve listed titles and locations for our two sponsored sessions, scheduled back-to-back for our convenience, but much more detail is available in the online program.

Business meeting. All are welcome. While “business” is in the title of this event, the hour is more oriented to sharing ideas about our scholarship and our teaching. Come.

Time: Saturday 10 October, 11-12 am

Place: Sheraton Centre, Peel Business Meetings room


Sponsored sessions

Building Oppression: Misery and Resistance in the American Cultural Environment

Friday 9 October


Sheraton Centre, Cedar

  • Emilie Johnson, “’A hideous blot’: Misery, Slavery, and Resistance at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello”
  • Zachary Violette, “Rethinking the Tenement: Misery, Ornament, and Resistance in the Gilded Age City”
  • Sarah Fayen Scarlett, “Pathways of Resistance: Tracking Mobility and Alternative Identity Performance in Early Twentieth Century Suburbs”
  • Cynthia Falk, Commentator
  • Will Moore, Chair


Representing Terrible Things: The Material Culture of Misery in America

Friday 9 October


Sheraton Centre, Cedar

  • Carla Cevasco, “The Violence of My Appetite: Theorizing Disgust in Colonial New
  • England and New France”
  • Michael D’Alessandro, “Slumming from Home: Parlor Props and Temperance Tourism
  • on the Amateur Stage”
  • Alison Fields, “Dislocated Memories: The Material Culture of Picher, Oklahoma”
  • Emily Godbey, Chair

I mis-typed the title of this post! These events all took place last weekend at ASA2015 in Toronto, not 2016 as the title says. Hope it didn't cause anyone to miss the meeting which was, by all accounts, wonderful! Hopefully you'll get a chance to catch up at ASA2016 in Denver. More on that later.

Patrick Cox