Invite to Virtual Book Release - THE MATERIAL SUBJECT - Jan 12, 2021

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Dear Colleagues,

Prof. Jean-Pierre Warnier and the Co-editors of The Material Subject: Rethinking Bodies and Objects in Motion, invite you to a virtual book release event on January 12, 2021, 10 am US EST.

This book, published by Routledge, deals with the work of the French Matière à Penser (MaP) group on material culture, embodiment and praxis. Scholars and students with an interest in material culture and performance will gain valuable access to global research, rooted in a specific intellectual tradition.

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Co-Editors’ Comments - Dr. Urmila Mohan and Dr. Laurence Douny – 10 mins

On the History of MaP - Prof. Jean-Pierre Warnier, Hon. Prof., Institut des Mondes Africains, Paris – 10 mins

MaP's Theoretical and Intellectual Diversity - Dr. Marie-Pierre Julien (Univ. of Lorraine) and Dr. Celine Rosselin-Bareille (Univ. of Orleans) – 10 mins

Observations of MaP's Development - Prof. Michael Rowland, University College London, Anthropology – 10 mins

'How to Publish' talk by Katherine Ong, Routledge Anthropology Editor – 10 mins Discussion and Q&A – 20 mins


We look forward to seeing you!

(Please contact or for further information.)