PAST 2020 now available online

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Dear subscribers, 

Please note that the 2020 edition of PAST, published by THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR LANDSCAPE, PLACE, & MATERIAL CULTURE is now available online. 

Contents include: 

"Taos Is Art: The Kachina Lodge and Motel Too" / Keith A. Sculle
"Selling the Majestic Enterprise: Promoting a Pacific Northwest Promised-Land, 1937-1941" / Katherine Heslop
"Outbreaks, Politics, and Perspectives. Stop 1: Geneva" / Kelley Sams
On the Road / Wayne Brew 

Pioneer America Society Transactions, or PAST, is published annually and consists of articles presented at the previous year’s annual conference. It also contains photographs and brief articles written on a variety of topics relating to material culture by Society members.