QUERY: Renaissance "grotesque" tapestries

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Dear Fellow Material Culturalists,

I've just come across what is (to me) a totally unfamiliar material medium: Renaissance "grotesque" tapestries.  I study monstrous births (conjoined twins and the like), and I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether the "grotesque" features in such tapestries ever included humans or animals with unusual physical features?  I'm not so much interested in mythological bodies as actual, historical births.

Also, for those of you in or around NYC, there will be an exhibition of a number of such tapestries through mid-March: http://www.franses.com/2015/01/19/2317/.

I hope someone on the list can help assuage my curiosity!

Whitney Dirks-Schuster, BA, MPhil, PhD

Department of History
College of Charleston

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