QUERY: Shoplifting in early America

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I am once again teaching my senior seminar in consumer culture in early Anglo-America.  I would like my students to get a sense of the "other side" of consumer culture; I am assigning an article on secondhand clothing, an article about a confidence man (Tom Bell), and Toby Ditz's "Shipwrecked."  I would like to assign a chapter/article on shoplifting.  I know about When Ladies Go A-Thieving.  But I swear years ago I had my students read about shoplifting.  Now I can't find it anywhere.  I've searched JSTOR and online to no avail.  Am I crazy?  Can someone recommend a book chapter or a journal article on shoplifting?

Vivian Bruce Conger

Associate Professor of History and Robert Ryan Professor in the Humanities

Ithaca College