New Paper for Your Interest.

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Dear Material Culture Scholars,

Just to let you know that a new paper has been issued: Plant Series, No. 4. Euphorbia myrsinites: This is the latest instalment in our series of papers about the material culture of plants as medicines and foods, from the borderlands of the Mediterranean Basin, translated from a 15th century manuscript. 

The translation, from Iberian Latin, reveals a fascinating use for wolf-milk spurge in the ancient medicinal art of æora, which was the aggressive manipulation of the body in order to remedy ailments - in this case to free the mother of ectopic pregnancy. The spurge caused violent convulsions due to its toxicity, and was believed to be the work of the Devil. 

Please disseminate this information to other scholars who may benefit.

Kindest regards,

Dr. Gerard Cheshire.

Research Associate.

University of Bristol.