Medicinal Materials of the Medieval.

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Dear Material-Culture Scholars,

The translation of a Medieval manuscript page has revealed the record of a rare Mediterranean medicinal plant, from Iberia. The plant is Atropa baetica, which is now endangered and included on the IUCN Red List, with fewer than 150 specimens remaining. You may freely download a paper giving the translation and additional information: 

The manuscript has 128 pages describing medicinal plants from the Mediterranean Basin and its environs, so it should be interesting to those studying the material culture of botanical medicines during that period. Some plants were grown in physic gardens, whilst others were supplied as preserved specimens of distilled for their essential oils and active ingredients. This particular plant was used for cosmetic applications and as an abortifacient: to induce miscarriage as a form of contraception. 

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Dr. Gerard Cheshire.

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University of Bristol.