Fall Conference Reports

Patrick Cox, H-NET President and Editor's picture

The start of October and the recent CFP for the Making Home conference remind me that we are coming up on the autumnal academic conference season. Soon, pages of pre-written papers will be fluttering from speakers hands like leaves falling from trees, the two or three attendees at morning sessions will be clutching pumpkin spice lattes, and the sun will be setting earlier and earlier on those who wonder off to post conference happy hours.

All of which brings me to my renewed call for conference reports. I redirect your attention to my earlier Call for Conference Reports which sits unresolved like a Fall squash that wasn’t harvested and now rots in the garden, attracting flies. A collection of conference reports from the field of material culture would be absolutely brilliant, so if you’re attending any events this season, please let us know about it! Despite my fondness for the social media that I spoke of previously, conference reports do not need to use Twitter or Storify. Words would be fine.

Conference planners are also welcome to give their events an afterlife boost by publishing conference reports here. Conference reports are a valuable way to spread the word about your hard work and your presenters’ brilliance, and help us all keep up on the latest and greatest thinking in the world of Material Culture Studies. The absence of conference reports, on the other hand, consigns all that hard work and intelligence to the fate of so many smashed jack o’ lanterns left out to mold until Thanksgiving. Please. Don’t let your conference be a smashed jack o’ lantern.