The Museum Sacrifice Measure

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Many of us who subscribe to H-Material Culture are highly educated and many of us also do museum work in some way (picture the Venn diagram...) So I thought I'd pass along this recent blog post about The Museum Sacrifice Measure . Based on one economists study of "the kids these days" who are happy to move to Portland because it's cool, even at the sacrifice of a good income, this blogger ponders why so many people with advanced degrees would choose to work in the law-paying museum industry. It raises some good points, but also misses some. For example, H-Material Culture may have a good number of folks who INTENDED to work in museums, but the museum job market in general may be feeling the effects of a ailing academic job market and getting filled with MA's and PhD's who had intended on working in academia when they began their degrees.

It's an interesting situation. I'd suspect this network would come at from a slightly different perseptive than the Future of Museums folks where the blog appears.  I'd love to hear thoughts on it from the Materialists out there.




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This thoughtful discussion on the fair market value of museum jobs continues the previous discussion on the museum sacrifice measure. (Scroll down past the goofy Mona Lisa photo.) This time the author takes into consideration the prospects of landing careers in academia.