Material Culture

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Sure, why not.

A while back I had ideas about doing some sort of project on The Material Culture of Sports to coincide with the World Cup...and then I woke up this morning and realize it's time for the World Cup! Oh well...

No worries, though. We're trying out something new at H-Net: a Commons wide project soliciting contributions around a given topic, and the topic for this first try is...The World Cup! Contributions will all be collected and available for perusal on the new World Cup 2014 network. The network is open for anyone to read, so you don't need to join it (but you can if you want notifications or want to post directly to it).

I invite anything you've got on material culture and the sporting life (especially soccer/football) in general or the World Cup in particular. This could include info on, or images from, interesting sporting collections, contributions to a bibliography on sport, musings on stadium architecture, original essays on the World Cup or links to old ones, commentary on the event as it advances... Send it all here or to me and I'll see it gets to the World Cup 2014 site.

We are calling these new projects Commons Crossorads networks as they constitute temporary intersections of scholarship and thinking on the many H-Net networks. The World Cup Crossroads is being headed up by editors of H-PCAACAH-Nationalism, and H-Sport under the aegis of the H-Net Editorial Affairs Committee, with an eye toward future similar endeavors. (In the interest of advance notice, the 100th anniversary of WWI approaches, and there's a US election in November--start thinking about the material cultures of war and politics!)