Change Over Time 6.2 (Fall 2016) Table of Contents

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Change Over Time 6.2 features papers from the “Therapeutic Landscapes” symposium held at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design on April 9–10, 2015. Check out the Table of Contents below:


"Persuasion and Coercion: Therapeutic Landscapes of the Early National Period" by Dell Upton
"'Until Cleansed and Purified': Landscapes of Health in the Interpermeable World" by David S. Barnes
"Housing Lunatics and Students: Nineteenth-Century Asylums and Dormitories" by Carl A. Yanni 
"Asylum: Inside the Closed World of State Mental Hospitals" by Christopher Payne 
"In the Garden of Puériculture: Cultivating the Ideal French Infant in Real and Imagined Landscapes of Care (1895–1935)" by Gina Greene 
"Greening Cities in an Urbanizing Age: The Human Health Bases in the Nineteenth and Early Twenty-first Centuries" by Theodore S. Eisenman 
"Home and/or Hospital: The Architectures of End-of-Life Care" by Annmarie Adams