Looking for bibliography on material culture and the practice of (Islamic) art

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Dear all,

I am looking for sources on material culture and practice of (Islamic) art, or really any type of art. I am proposing to begin a project where I will interview Turkish Muslim artists about the religious significance of their work and the spiritual aspects of the art itself and their practice of it. I need some sources that will help me think through and theorize my topic, such as sources on the relationship of artists to their work, artists' philosophy of their art, etc.. I would be most interested in writings that engage religion to some degree, although would be open to other sources that take a similar approach outside the religious lens. Also, any recommendations about art in modern Turkey would be great as well. 


Rose Aslan

California Lutheran University


I would recommend a book called "Religious Objects in Museums" by Crispin Paine. It deals specifically with all the issues surrounding the public display of religious objects, but it also covers the relationship between those objects and the religions they're associated with.