TOC: Museum Worlds (Volume 5) - Ritual Repatriation/Engaging Anthropological Legacies

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This volume of Museum Worlds features two special sections, where “Ritual Repatriation” poses an examination of ritual meaning and form across repatriation processes and “Engaging Anthropological Legacies” provides new insight into redeploying ethnographic collections and formats toward more convivial and cosmo-optimistic futures.

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Volume 5

Editorial, Sandra H. Dudley and Conal McCarthy

I. Special Section: Ritual Repatriation

Introduction: Repatriation and Ritual, Repatriation as Ritual, Laura Peers, Lotten Gustafsson Reinuius and Jennifer Shannon

The Magic of Bureaucracy: Repatriation as Ceremony, Laura Peers

The Three Burials of Aslak Hætta and Mons Somby: Repatriation Narratives and Ritual Performances, Stein R. Mathisen

Unpacking the Museum Register: Institutional Memories of the Potlatch Collection Repatriation, Emma Knight

Tlingit Repatriation in Museums: Ceremonies of Sovereignty, Aldona Jonaitis

Hopi Renewal and (Ritualized) Performance under American Law, Helen A. Robbins and Leigh Kuwanwisiwma

The Ritual Labor of Reconciliation: An Autoethnography of a Return of Human Remains, Lotten Gustafsson Reinius

Ritual Processes of Repatriation: A Discussion, Jennifer Shannon, Sonya Atalay, Jisgang Nika Collison, Te Herekiekie Herewini, Eric Hollinger, Michelle Horwood, Robert W. Preucel, Anthony Shelton and Paul Tapsell

II. Special Section: Engaging Anthropological Legacies

Introduction: Engaging Anthropological Legacies toward Cosmo-optimistic Futures? Sharon Macdonald, Henrietta Lidchi and Margareta von Oswald

Reassembling The Social Organization: Collaboration and Digital Media in (Re)making Boas's 1897 Book, Aaron Glass, Judith Berman and Rainer Hatoum

Sharing Knowledge as a Step toward an Epistemological Pluralization of the Museum, Andrea Scholz

Online Documents of India's Past: Digital Archives and Memory Production, Katja Müller

"We Owe a Historical Debt to No One": The Reappropriation of Photographic Images from a Museum Collection, Helen Mears

Conjunctures and Convergences: Remaking the World Cultures Displays at the National Museum of Scotland, Henrietta Lidchi

Engaging Dialogues: Reframing Africa at the Royal Ontario Museum, Silvia Forni

Decolonizing Research, Cosmo-optimistic Collaboration?: Making Object Biographies, Margareta von Oswald and Verena Rodatus

III. Report

Art of Solidarity: Cuban Posters for African Liberation 1967-1989, David Fleming

IV. Exhibitions

Exhibition Review Essays and Exhibition Reviews, Sheila K. Hoffman, Sarita Sundar, Masaaki Morishita, Fabien Van Geert and Sharon Ann Holt

V. Books

Book Review Essay and Book Reviews, Kylie Message, Masaaki Morishita, Conal McCarthy and Lee Davidson

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