Call for Papers: Luxury Studies: The In Pursuit of Luxury Journal

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Call for Papers
December 31, 2023
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Call for Papers: Luxury Studies: The In Pursuit of Luxury Journal

Luxury is a constantly changing idea that provokes much debate. Whether rooted in the manufacturing techniques developed during the eighteenth century or the emergence of the kinds of digital processes that impact on design, craftsmanship and production today, certain constants remain in how we perceive and define luxury. Technology continues to influence our lives and decision-making processes. Circular economic models address the need to be aware of the impact of our actions on the production of goods and services. Data driven information informs and enhances our understanding of the customer and can provide goods and services to address their individual needs. This is in stark contrast to mass produced products and ‘services’ which – through global portals – contradict the very nature of luxury, with its emphasis on the unique, the bespoke and the singular, over mass consumption. 

It could be said that the roles of manufacturing and craftsmanship are, and remain, critical components of how luxury is defined. But is the impact of digital technologies changing our very understanding of what luxury means today? Should the notion of luxury be adapted/re-examined? If so, what form should luxury take in terms of reflecting and reacting to continued advancements in technological processes, opportunities and services? Current concerns that need addressing include consumption, waste and the impact of our actions on the planet, health and well-being, equality and change. An emphasis on corporate social responsibility has enabled the tracking and tracing of finished goods and the materials used in their construction, including their environmental impact and the well-being of those involved in production. As the industry becomes more transparent, can luxury continue to remain beyond scrutiny? 


We welcome contributions from scholars from all disciplines and from practitioners from all segments of luxury including but not limited to fashion, jewellery, hospitality, architecture, automotive, technology and aviation.

We are now accepting full papers (5000–7000 words) for the journal, and also welcome book, exhibition and conference reviews. These should be prepared using Intellect House Style, which is available to download here>>

All articles submitted should be original work and must not be under consideration by other publications. Articles for Luxury Studies are double-blind peer reviewed.

All submissions should be sent via the ‘Submit’ link on the journal webpage (, which will direct to the IPOL manuscript submissions system. Please contact the editors for any additional questions or information.

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Principal Editors

Shaun Borstrock

University of Hertfordshire, UK

Veronica Manlow

Brooklyn College, USA

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