Reviews of Interest for H-Material Culture

Jennifer Black Discussion

The following reviews were posted to H-Net Commons recently, and may be of interest to H-Material Culture subscribers.

Reviewed for H-Sci-Med-Tech by Fiorella Foscarini
   Robertson, Craig.  _Filing Cabinet: A Vertical History of
   Information, The_.  Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press,
   2021.  280 pp.  $27.95, ISBN 978-1-5179-0946-8.
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Reviewed for H-Early-America by Scottie Buehler
   Brandt, Susan H..  _Women Healers: Gender, Authority, and Medicine
   in Early Philadelphia_.  Early American Studies Series.
   Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2022.
   Illustrations. 312 pp.  $39.95, ISBN 978-0-8122-5386-3.
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Reviewed for H-Environment by Steven High
   Desimini, Jill.  _Cyclical City: Five Stories of Urban
   Transformation_.  Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press,
   2021.  294 pp.  $42.50, ISBN 978-0-8139-4632-0.
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Reviewed for H-Environment by Anne Barjolin-Smith
   Barbour, Dale.  _Undressed Toronto: From the Swimming Hole to
   Sunnyside, How a City Learned to Love the Beach, 1850–1935_.
   Winnipeg, Manitoba: University of Manitoba Press, 2021.  328 pp.
   $70.00, ISBN 978-0-88755-953-2.
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Reviewed for H-SHEAR by Thomas F. Connolly
   Katz, Wendy Jean.  _Humbug!: The Politics of Art Criticism in New
   York City's Penny Press_.  New York: Empire State Editions, 2020.
   304 pp.  $140.00, ISBN 978-0-8232-8537-2.
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Reviewed for H-War by John Chamberlin
   Deutscher, Lisa; Kaiser, Mirjam; Wetzler, Sixt, eds..  _Sword:
   Form and Thought, The_.  Armour and Weapons Series. Melton:
   Boydell & Brewer, 2019.  Illustrations. 294 pp.  $99.00, ISBN 978-
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Reviewed for H-Sci-Med-Tech by James Burnes
   Plotnick, Roy.  _Explorers of Deep Time: Paleontologists and the
   History of Life_.  New York: Columbia University Press, 2022.
   Illustrations. 344 pp.  $35.00, ISBN 978-0-231-19534-8.
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Reviewed for H-Sci-Med-Tech by Nathan Kapoor
   Montaño, Diana J..  _Electrifying Mexico: Technology and the
   Transformation of a Modern City_.  Austin: University of Texas
   Press, 2021.  xiv + 373 pp.  $50.00, ISBN 978-1-4773-2345-8.
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Reviewed for H-Sci-Med-Tech by Marie Stettler Kleine
   Wakkary, Ron.  _Things We Could Design For More Than Human-
   Centered Worlds_.  Cambridge: MIT Press, 2021.  312 pp.  $25.99,
   ISBN 978-0-262-36684-7.
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