The Textile Museum Journal, Volume 49 is now available

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November 28, 2022
District Of Columbia, United States
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We are happy to announce the new volume of The Textile Museum Journal, now available through or https:// 

Guest edited by Jeffrey C. Splitstoser, assistant research professor of anthropology at The George Washington University, this volume is devoted to the relationship between textiles and mathematics. 

Seven articles in this volume offer new insights into the mathematical aspects of textile production and the ways that mathematics can be used to find new meaning in ancient and historic textiles. Their authors include scholars from a variety of disciplines including art, art history, anthropology, mathematics, and practicing artists. The articles discuss a rich mixture of topics that range from aspects of counting, date keeping, and other forms of measuring and accounting in historic textiles, to the use of math by modern artisans who specialize in weaving, knotting, and basket making. Also included is an annotated bibliography of recent additions to the Arthur D. Jenkins Library. 


Introduction, Jeffrey C. Splitstoser 

Mathematics of Design in Plain Oblique Twining, David W. Fraser 

Crafting Novel Knotted Textiles with Mathematics, Nithikul Nimkulrat 

Basketry and Mathematics: Reflections on Curves and Surfaces, Stephanie Bunn and Ricardo Nemirovsky with the Forces in Translation Research Group, including Mary Crabb, Geraldine Jones, Hilary Burns, and Charlotte Megroureche 

Weaving a No-Waste Garment on the Loom: Understanding Gaussian Curvature, Eva Knoll 

Keeping Nasca Time: The Brooklyn Museum Textile as a 365-Day Calendar, Lois Martin 

Indigenous Knotted-Cord Records in Costa Rica, Scott Palumbo, Keilyn Rodríguez Sánchez, Frank Morales Céspedes, Julia Marinescu, and Rebecca Rivera

A Comparison of Two Knotted-Cord Fabrics: An Inka Khipu and a Costa Rican Census , Jeffrey C. Splitstoser  

Recommendations from the Library, Tracy Meserve 


Support for volume 49 of The Textile Museum Journal is generously provided by the Markarian Foundation.  

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