On Editors and Book Reviews: Newsletter for Jan 23 2023

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Living in a Material World

Newsletter for Jan 23 2023

On Editors and Book Reviews

Happy 2023 to all of our subscribers at H-Material Culture!

We'd like to take this opportunity to announce some important changes to the editorial team here at H-Material Culture:

After serving as book review editor for H-Material Culture for the past four years (a tumultuous time to say the least!), we'd like to announce the "retirement" of Colin Fanning in that role. Colin, you've put so much work and effort into this and we are truly thankful for your contribution to the Material Culture community. Best wishes to you in the future!

Stepping into the role of book review editor will be Jennifer Black, whose name you will no doubt recognize as she has long served this network as editor-in-chief. We are very grateful to you, Jennifer, for taking this on!

This might be the perfect moment to ask our subscribers: would you like to become a book reviewer for us? Graduate students, independent scholars, and all those pursuing academic and alternative academic careers are invited to apply! Please visit the "Become a Book Reviewer" tab on our H-Material Culture website or write to us at editorial-Material-Culture@mail.h-net.org. You can also visit our most recent review posts by clicking on the "Reviews" tab on our H-Material Culture website.

We're also sad to announce the departure of Sam Aylett as general editor at H-Material Culture. Sam was the mastermind behind calling this newletter "Living in a Material World"! We are grateful for this and all of your contributions, Sam, and wish you all the best in the future.

Would you or someone you know be interested in joining the editorial team here at H-Material Culture? We would be very excited to welcome new talent, especially folks who might be interested in: improving our website; creating a blog, podcast, online exhibits, peda/andragogical discussions; managing our social media; or even help with these newsletters for the channel. H-Net can support us in some ambitious endeavors, even to the extent of launching a new online journal (!), so if you're interested in getting involved, we are interested too! This is a volunteer position so we are happy to tailor the role to whatever you can give us, really. And even if you're just looking to join up to see how things are run, with an eye on participating more fully in the future, we would invite you to get in touch. Please email us at H-Material Culture editors.

Again, we send our best wishes to everyone for 2023! 

Your friendly H-Material Culture co-editors-in-chief,

Danielle Kinsey & Carly Ciufo