Call for Presentations: panel "Following the current: Oceanic Diasporic Heritages across the oceans", Congress IUAES, Yucatan

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June 8, 2021 to June 30, 2021
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Anthropology, Cultural History / Studies, Immigration & Migration History / Studies, Research and Methodology, Social Sciences

Professor Rose Boswell and me are inviting presentations for our panel panel "Following the current: Oceanic Diasporic Heritages across the oceans", IUAES 2021 Yucatan Congress
Heritages, Global Interconnections in a Possible World, online.

Do send your proposals until 30th June! here is the Link.



Diaspora and migration have shaped the world cultures for millennia. Forced or voluntary, by land or by sea, the circulation of people, things and cultures has drawn a diversity of cultural landscapes build on movement and displacement. Cultural worlds as the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean Sea or the Pacific transoceanic archipelagos have been drawn by lived experiences of flow of myriads of people and commodities, languages, religions, materialities and affective worlds. These cultural landscapes are, then, translocal in its essence, perceived beyond political borders and continental limits, incorporating diasporic heritages that are lived, memorialized, enacted in multiple modes. The recognition of these diasporic heritages is essential to acknowledge cultural diversities that do not conform to narrow political and cultural projects based on political borders or cultural uniformity. The Mediterranean as well as the Indian Ocean have been fundamental locations to understand heritages that are rooted, and immersed, in circulations. These cultural regions are, in fact, possible because of permanent movement. Recently, transoceanic currents have been proposed as metaphoric conceptual frames to study the material, mnemonic and sensorial worlds that links coastal and insular landscapes across continents and oceans. Asian origin heritages in the India Ocean, Pacific and Caribbean islands dialogue with African belongings in Southern America countries, Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asian port cities. The possibility of exploring diasporic heritages, thus, opens important possibilities of recognizing cultural heritages belonging to minorities that have not been taken as relevant. At the same time, artists have been proposing new modes of thinking, acknowledging cultural landscapes that bring history in order to build resilient futures. This panel departs, then, from islands and coasts to think how maritime diasporic heritages can direct us to novel modes of understanding culture and new methodological approaches to material and intangible heritages immersed in oceanic movement. Following tidal movements, weather systems as the monsoon or transoceanic currents, this panel aims at triggering new conceptual, textual and visual languages that allow us to study and respect the extraordinary heritages that gained life across the oceans.



Pedro Pombo



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Pedro Pombo, Department of Portuguese and Lusophone Studies, Goa University, India

Rose Bowell, DSI-NRF South African Research Chair in Ocean Cultures and Heritage, Nelson Mandela University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa