Linnaean Folklore Rediscovered in the Med.

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Dear Maritime History Scholars,

You may be interested to read that the source of Linnaeus' idea behind using the mythology about Andromeda and Perseus to name a plant genus has been found in a page of a Medieval manuscript, dating from 1444. This tell us something about the maritime geographical connections in the Mediterranean over the past centuries, as the manuscript originates from Ischia. 

It had previously been thought that Linnaeus had indulged in a flight of wild imagination in naming the plant Andromeda, but we now know that he was simply referencing familiar medicinal folklore about the plant, which had since been lost to history. Now it has been rediscovered. 

A paper is available to freely download from this link. Plant Page, No. 6: 

Please feel free to disseminate the information to other scholars who may have an interest.

Kindest regards,

Dr. Gerard Cheshire.

Research Associate.

University of Bristol.