Query: India and Australia Royal Mail Steam Packet Company

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Dear colleagues,

On a nineteenth-century map showing ship connections around the world I find references to the India and Australia Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, created in 1847 to connect Great Britain with Australia via Egypt and India. Since I found nearly no references to that company in research literature yet, I wonder if it ever has been in operation. Does anyone know more details about this company?

Thank you in advance for your comments.

Felix Schürmann


Dear Felix
In my own research on P&O during this period I have also only come across passing references to this company. They must have been taken seriously as they were given royal charter in 1847, but I've never come across any evidence that they ever owned a ship, and P&O would start the Singapore - Australia service in 1852.
All the best
Dr Jonathan Stafford
Research Fellow
Department of History
University of Nottingham