Aspects of Water in the Middle Ages - A one-day symposium

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Date: November 10, 2018
United Kingdom

Please, find description and programme of a one-day symposium to be held in Belfast next 10 November.


Aspects of Water in the Middle Ages

A one-day symposium

Saturday, 10th November 2018  h 9:30

Queen’s University Belfast 
McMordie Hall
Music Building, University Square
Water, fundamental to life on earth, plays a prominent role in Medieval Culture. It was not only a powerful physical element, but also had a symbolic meaning, being a key concept in the semiology of the creation of myths and cosmologies. Moreover, from the allegorical point of view, water has indeed a dual function: it is a destructive force purging the wicked and cleansing the earth from their sins, as the Biblical Flood well exemplifies, but at the same time it plays a purifying action on the bodies and on the souls of the good explicated in the baptismal sacrament. Thus, water was part of the natural landscape, but also of the cultural and religious lives, as well as of the practical and physical needs of medieval people; it also involved climatic issues, together with economic and social aspects to name but a few.
This one-day symposium aims to broaden our understanding of the overlapping secular and symbolic aspects of water in the Middle Ages from an interdisciplinary perspective: it involves literature, ecocriticism, history of climate, Medievalism and Digital Philology among others. The symposium will explore different aspects of water in Anglo-Saxon England, Medieval Ireland, Old Saxon, Old Norse, Gothic and Middle English Literatures.
In order to attend the symposium, a free registration is required for catering purposes. Please, register at the following weblink:
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