Call For Panelists for Conference Panel titled, "The South China Sea as Constructed Historical Region," for the Association of Asian Studies (AAS) Annual Conference, held in Denver, Colorado from March 21-24, 2019.

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Date: July 15, 2018 to July 26, 2018
Colorado, United States

Hello all,

I am seeking one or two panelists for a conference panel titled, "The South China Sea as Constructed Historical Region" for the Association of Asian Studies (AAS) Annual Conference, which will be held in Denver, Colorado from March 21-24, 2019.  

Broadly speaking, the panel will be about the South China Sea as constructed historical region, variously envisioned or conceptualized. 

For instance, this could include, but is not limited to: 
- Maritime notions of space, law, and history in the South China Sea that reflects upon, affirms, and unsettles various identities. 
- The sea as a social, labour, gendered, racialized, and transnational space that connects and/or divides. 
- The role that popular literature, diasporic interactions, environmental science, tourism, smuggling/piracy, and geographic endeavours played in knowledge-making about the sea and surrounding lands. 

All disciplines and cross-disciplinary approaches are very much welcome. 

A chair and two panelists have already been confirmed. One paper will be about developing notions of sovereignty as related to the South China Sea in late Qing/early Republican China. The other will be on the discursive entanglement of maritime onotologies between Guangdong provincial government investigators and Hainanese fishermen who had taken French flags from the contested Spratly islands in 1933, at the height of the pre-war South China Sea islands dispute.

If interested, please contact Chris Chung at: with a paper title and max. 250-word abstract by July 26 at the very latest (of course, the earlier the better).

Contact Info: 

Chris Chung, PhD Candidate, University of Toronto.