Query: Sources on mid-20th century river travel

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I am beginning a project on the history of inland and riverine boat use on Alaska’s rivers, from the end of World War II until the time of Statehood (~1960). In particular, I will be looking at the introduction and expanded use of “new” types of river boats in the Territory, e.g. inflatable rubber boats (usually surplus military), shallow-draft airboats, and jet boats. I have started looking at histories of river running around this time, much of which focuses on the rivers of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, etc., and have some other resources on inflatable craft from that era. What I am looking for is more information and sources that might be available regarding the development of river boat use of these types, and what sort of historiography might exist around this type of activity and use. I would also appreciate contact information for anyone, in the scholarly or wider communities, who might have information that could be helpful.

You can contact me off-list at mark.rice@alaska.gov.


Mark Rice, PhD.
Alaska Office of History and Archaeology