Call for Articles: "The Final Frontier" (Unendliche Welten)

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Date : August 6, 2017 to August 6, 2019

Call for Articles: "The Final Frontier" (Unendliche Welten)

The "Portal Militärgeschichte" (portal for military history) focusses in its rubric "Unendliche Welten" (the final frontier) on topics of military history in the age of media diversity.

Until now, the core of the rubric comprised historical documentaries, war movies, and internet entries that deal with war and military history. On top of the profil of the rubric so far, contributions will also be published concerning "digital and online resources" and "computer games/virtual reality".

The call is addressed to historians and students who wish to open perspectives about new developments, publications, projects, or various undertakings in these fields for an audience from the field or interested in it, in the form of short essays, reports, or reviews.

Please send your contributions (7000 to 14000 signs, in word-format) to the editors at:


Find more about the portal at: http://portal-militä


Contact Info: 

Deniza Petrova, Freie Universität Berlin/Portal Militärgeschichte