3rd Biennial Indian Ocean Studies Conference, 17-18 Nov 2023, WA Maritime Museum, Perth, Western Australia - call for papers

Joshua Esler Discussion

Call for papers

3rd Biennial Indian Ocean Studies Conference

‘Pathways and Passages: Faith and Migration in the Indian Ocean Region’


17-18 November 2023, Fremantle Maritime Museum hosted by Sheridan Institute of Higher Education, Perth, Western Australia

Abstract Deadline: 20 August 2023


The Indian Ocean Region is the birthplace of three of the world’s major religions – Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism – and the avenue for propelling the two other major religions born nearby – Judaism and Christianity – to the East. Many other lesser known religions such as Zoroastrianism and Jainism also originated in and spread throughout this region, carried across its waters in trading ships or across its land formations in trading caravans. These religions were propagated by both traders and scholars, missionaries and migrants. At this year’s biennial Indian Ocean Studies Conference, we will be focusing on the movements of people across the Indian Ocean Region – broadly defined as ‘migration’ – and how this has and continues to impact the spread, reception, and adaptation of faith in various contexts throughout the region. Further, we will explore how faith may also impact the movements of people, including the destinations they move towards, the livelihoods they engage in, and the social connections they retain, reshape, and develop.     


We would like to invite scholars to consider the interrelation of faith and movement of people throughout the Indian Ocean Region, and we also welcome scholars interested in exploring faith and migration in the region as separate topics. Through individual presentations and panels, we encourage participants to reflect upon the historical and contemporary roles of faith and migration in mutually propelling and influencing each other across the Indian Ocean Region, and/or the ways in which faith and people have spread across the region in general.    


If you are interested, please send your abstract (250 words) and biography (80 words) to the following email: jesler@sheridan.edu.au , or through the website (https://www.sheridan.edu.au/index.php/research/conferences/IOSC-2023 - further details forthcoming). Proposals for panels of three or four papers are also welcome, and should include an abstract for each paper as well as a brief description of the panel itself of 100 words. Please be sure to include your name, title(s), affiliation, and e-mail address, and the abstract/panel title. Please note, with the relative decline of the pandemic, we are encouraging in-person presentations and attendance. As with the 2021 conference, we anticipate producing a publication following the 2023 conference, and welcome your expression of interest in contributing to this publication if you are able to participate in the conference. Following is a link to the book from the 2021 conference:  https://rowman.com/ISBN/9781666922172/Indian-Ocean-Imaginings-People-Time-and-Space


The deadline for abstract/panel submission is 20 August 2023.


Registration Fee

The registration fee includes registration, lunch and refreshments on both days of the conference, and the sundowner on the second day (Saturday 18 November). Conference participants will be responsible for their own transportation and accommodation costs, in addition to the registration fee. Below is a breakdown of the registration fee.


Speakers: AU$200 (payable upon acceptance of abstract)


Early-bird registration fee for attendees: AU$200 (payable by Monday 18 October), or AU$250 for the regular registration fee (payable by 8 November).


One-day registration fee: There is also the option of attending the conference on only one of the days (Friday 17th or Saturday 18th), in which case the registration fee will be $125 ($100 for early-bird registration) instead of $250 ($200 for early-bird registration).


Student registration fee: Student registration is discounted at $125 ($100 for early-bird registration) for two days, and $75 for one day ($50 for early-bird registration).



The conference is organised by the Indian Ocean Research Centre at Sheridan Institute of Higher Education.