Shipwrecks near Pakistan

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I am looking for ships registered in Karachi, to check if any of them wrecked near Pakistan.  Its part of a study by the UK Nautical Archeology Society for the Maritime Archeology and Heritage Institute, which I am supporting.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions or advice how to go about this.  

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MAHI-NAS Research Project Scoping Document


The Maritime Archaeology and Heritage Institute (MAHI) is a non-profit, autonomous research organisation dedicated to the investigation and preservation of maritime cultural heritage in the Western Indian Ocean. As a primary step in establishing the academic and research infrastructure for maritime archaeology in Pakistan, it was important that an inventory of the maritime archaeological resource be drawn up in collaboration with coastal communities and maritime institutions currently active in the country. This has led to MAHI’s first project, the Inventory of Maritime Archaeology of Pakistan (IMAP).

The goal of the project is to develop a maritime heritage inventory database and knowledge system, which will incorporate the outcomes of project research work integrated with data obtained from field-based archaeological investigations. The database will provide relational and geo-spatial interfaces that will be used to direct further research and site investigation efforts. Research will involve investigating existing historical sources and datasets pertaining to the maritime archaeological resource in order to produce target lists for future site investigations and to identify zones of archaeological potential. Research efforts will also focus on historical document archives, photographic archives, cartographic sources and other primary source material. Technical datasets including hydrographic, geological, and environmental data, combined with high resolution satellite imagery, will also be incorporated into the knowledge system.

MAHI is seeking to build on its relationship with the Nautical Archaeology Society UK (NAS) for a range of research tasks and projects to assist in developing IMAP.

Potential Project Areas for the NASRG:

  1. Images of UK vessels traveling to/from the Sindh / Balochistan area during the 19th to mid-20th century.
  2. Return of Wrecks and Casualties in Indian Waters from 1865-1878 and 1933 onwards.
  3. Registration numbers of British Indian Vessels - are archival registers available for 19th to mid-20th century?
  4. UK Admiralty Charts for the Sindh / Balochistan Coasts (preferably ones showing shipwreck locations)
  5. Vessel logs/Pilotage notes of steamers on the Indus River
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